Epoxy Pricing

Our premium floor coatings, on average, cost $5.50-6.50/sq ft. For example, if your basement is 1000 sq ft, then the average price would be $5,500-$6,500. Price can be lower or higher depending on the condition of your floor. If you are wanting this type of flooring on a wood subfloor, the additional cost is $3.5/sq ft. Below are some factors that could potentially raise the price of your floor makeover:

  1. Thick coatings to be removed
  2. Special glues that are tougher to remove than others
  3. Excessive cracking, requiring more labor and materials to fix cracks
  4. Unlevel floor needing extra attention
  5. High moisture problems causing “wet spots” or puddling
  6. Older home with brittle concrete that may need additional coats of 100% epoxy
  7. Tight spaces requiring smaller or special equipment
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