Armor Tough Coatings Gives Back

Armor Tough Painting Gives Back to Michigan!

This comes from you today not from Joe, but from Joe’s finance. In the spirit of giving back to the community Armor Tough had been talking about donating their time to a local organization in need.

I started working for the Department of Health and Human Services, in their foster care division about 6 months prior. When I first started I thought “wow how great to be able to work for an agency that can afford stuff.” Boy was I wrong; DHHS was very similar to the other non-profit organizations I had worked at. There is very little funding for anything extra.

In the office we have four rooms that are used for family visitations. Unfortunately the rooms were very plain, and full of broken toys. A committee was formed to try to spruce up the visitation rooms, the goal is to provide a family friendly, warm, and inviting environment where families can visit with each other and not feel so cold.

Hiring someone to paint the rooms would have been out of our minimal budget. Being a member of the remodeling committee I thought that maybe Armor Tough would be willing to help out. Of course Joe and is right hand man (his younger brother) Mikey were more than willing to donate their time and energy to help out DHHS.

Another foster care worker on my unit is married to a paint representative, who was able to donate all of the paint needed to paint the rooms. With all of the paint donated, and all of the labor donated we were on our way.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, Joe and Mikey came to the office building and got to work at 8 am. They worked all day. Mikey ran to get lunch, while Joe stayed and worked. Once Mikey got back with the food, they both took a 15-minute lunch break in order to get the job done by the end of the day.

I was so proud of Joe and Mikey. I was so thankful for Joe and Mikey. They stopped what they were doing to help people less fortunate. To say the rooms looked amazing would be an understatement. They did a fantastic, professional job in a timely manner, just as if they were being paid the thousand dollars the job would have actually cost.