Interior and Exterior Home Painting in MI

At Armor Tough Coatings, we take great pride in the high-quality interior and exterior painting services we offer for home, office, and industrial spaces in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Our services have your back, whether it’s wall or deck painting, cabinet refinishing, industrial equipment cleaning and painting, or even personalized epoxy flooring! We offer three- and five-year warranties on our paint jobs that cover peels, chips, and cracks that aren’t caused by force. A one-hour touch up every year is also provided on any surface we’ve painted! Give us a call today to get your free, no-obligation!

Interior & Exterior Office Painting in Farmington Hills, MI

Don’t let your business miss out on the expert work of our highly skilled team! Our team comes into your business, leaving only quality work behind. Using the highest-quality products possible, we bring you color matching, drywall repairs, wall and ceiling painting, and more! We work quickly and efficiently to ensure our time is minimal in your business space. Give your business a clean, professional environment today — schedule your free quote!

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Industrial Painting in Farmington Hills, MI

Having a uniform, clean, and professional-looking production line and business floor can be important to your company. Luckily, Armor Tough Coatings specializes in industrial equipment and commercial building painting. We can help you with production line matching, interior and exterior painting, sandblasting, chemical stripping, tank linings, coatings, and more! We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with our work, so you can proudly present your company. Get your no-obligation quote today!

Epoxy Flooring in Farmington Hills, MI

Get custom epoxy flooring for your home, office, or business! We offer a variety of metallic and standard epoxy colors to choose from and will even custom mix to suit your needs. Our expert team can cover wood, concrete, and tile flooring to get rid of chips, pitting, or poor condition. Start your flooring transformation today — call for a free quote!