Professional Facility Maintenance Services in Metro Detroit

You take great pride in the way your facility looks, but maintaining it can be a challenge at times. Instead of hiring someone in-house to take care of all the necessary tasks, or risking an on-call handyman that will make it out “sometime next week,” call Armor Tough Coatings. We are a small business offering professional facility maintenance services in the Metro Detroit area.

We can help you get the look you need without the hassle. Our team is equipped to care for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Maybe you’re looking for someone to come in on occasion to refresh the paint on your walls, ceilings, machinery, and other fixtures. Our team is composed of timely and professional painters. Or maybe you have a list of tasks you need done. We can check them off one by one. Whatever you need, we’ve got the skill and capacity to get the job done.

We work hard to protect anything we’re not working on so you don’t have any spill-over, prepare the surface, and apply your choice of high-quality paints. Once we’re finished, we double-check our work and clean up so we don’t leave anything behind.

In addition, we do all this with as little disruption to your normal business operations as possible. That’s the Armor Tough guarantee!

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Let us help you make your business a success. Call today for a quote!