The equipment you use to run your business is essential to its success. Having machinery with peeling paint and rust spots showing can reflect poorly on the way potential clients view you, possibly losing you business in the long run. Keep your heavy machinery looking great while it helps you do a great job with skilled machinery painting services from Armor Tough Coatings, serving the metro Detroit area. Schedule your estimate today! Don’t just take our word for it – Check out some of our finished machinery painting jobs!

Why Choose Armor Tough Coatings for Your Industrial Machinery Painting Needs?

At Armor Tough Coatings, we have years of experience properly cleaning, preparing, and painting all types of heavy machinery. We use the right blend of methods and high-quality products to give you the shiny, well-maintained equipment your business needs with little to no service interruption on your part. Whether you’re looking to make all your machinery color-uniform, want to visually differentiate specific product lines, or apply safety colors to make moving parts more visible, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to give you the results you deserve. Our team handles everything you need to get your machinery in tip-top shape, including:
  • Color matching
  • Cleaning & solvent washing
  • Priming & prepping
  • Painting & sealing
We work quickly and efficiently, minimizing your production downtime and decreasing the financial impact on your business. Ready to get started? Schedule your estimate today!

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