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Interior Painting Cost

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How Much Does Interior Painting Cost? Below you will see the breakdown of how we price our home interior painting projects so you can get a good estimate of how much your project will cost. Small Bathroom 6 x 6 *Wall Surface            190 Sq Ft         $225.00 Ceiling Surface         36 Sq Ft              $75.00 Door and Casing      Per Side              $60.00 Baseboard                 24 Ln Ft              $25.00 Small Room 10 x 12 *Wall Surface             350 Sq ft          $350.00 Ceiling Surface         120 Sq ft              $75.00 Door and Casing       Per Side             $60.00 Baseboard                 44 Ln Ft              $45.00 Medium Room 12 x 15 *Wall Surface            430 Sq…

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