Cabinet Painting in Royal Oak, MI

Brand-new cabinets can be exceedingly expensive, and plans to add new ones may completely blow your kitchen renovation budget! Why replace cabinets that are a little outdated, but otherwise in good condition? Instead, you can get them looking great again with professional cabinet painting services in Royal Oak, Michigan.

cabinet painting royal oak michigan

We are Armor Tough Coatings, a locally owned business with a team of licensed, skilled painters, and our owner personally ensures that every job is completed the right way.

We know how frustrating it can be when contractors leave your home a bigger mess than it was in the first place, so we take care to create as little disruption and mess as possible when repainting your cabinets. Our process includes all the prep work, including a spray booth to prevent fumes and paints from leaving your kitchen. And, we carefully cover your countertops and all other important fixtures to avoid overspray.

We remove the doors and drawers of every cabinet, carefully transporting them to our workshop to be prepped, sanded, primed, and painted. Then, we transport them back to your home where we re-install them and clean up everything we brought with us.

You just get great-looking cabinets out of the deal!

Since 2014, we’ve helped homeowners in Royal Oak, Michigan, and beyond create the kitchens they’ve always dreamed of. Call today for an estimate!