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We all get bored with the look of our home from time to time. Styles change and, with them, our personal tastes.

One of the easiest ways to make a drastic change is by painting your walls! Stay on trend with these colors you will see more of in 2020:

Classic White

White walls are timeless. White creates a perfect blank canvas to spruce up with colorful decor. 

If you are someone who likes to rotate your decor with the seasons, white walls are a great backdrop to really let your pieces pop!

Try a true white for a bright, clean look in a kitchen, bathroom, or sunroom.

Want a more warm and inviting tone? Choose an off-white color. Look for white palettes with beige undertones.

Earth Tones

You’ve likely seen a surge of earth tones in clothing in the last year, so why not try it on your walls?

When it comes to earth tones, think of the wild west – Worn leather, terra cotta, clay, and sand. Picture the rich brown, red, and rust hues in a woven saddle blanket.

You can use earth tones in any room, whether you paint all the walls, or just an accent. Try them in your living room or bedroom for a look that is calming and pleasing to the eye.

Natural Greens

For interior paint inspiration, look no farther than your garden! Rich greens found in nature are increasingly popular. 

Bring the outdoors in with a yellow-toned shade, such as olive. Olive greens compliment all wood types in your floor and decor, as well as stone. Don’t forget lots of plants!

For a cooler tone, try a hunter green. The hue that was ever-so-popular in the 90’s is making a huge comeback as a statement color. Use it as a backdrop to a gallery wall to draw attention to your photos. You can also paint an entire room and make the green really pop with bright white trim and baseboards.

“Dusty” Pastels

Toned down, or “dusty” pastels are more peaceful and calming. Think less nursery-ready (e.g. bubblegum and baby pinks) and more gray/beige-toned (e.g. dusty rose and “millennial pink”).

Dusty pastels look great everywhere, walls and cabinets alike. They offer a pristine aesthetic, without the sometimes overwhelming brightness of a stark white.

Choose from a variety of dusty pastels in pinks, purples, blues, and greens to create a subtle, but very modern, look.

Deeper Shades of Gray

We’ve seen light to medium grays used as the preferable neutral in the last few years. Gray provides a great base to for added pops of color throughout your home.

Gray is still in high demand, but you can expect to see much darker hues in 2020. Look for charcoal and iron grays for cabinets and fireplace walls, or inside a nook to set it apart from the rest of a room.

You can stick with a neutral tone as a base for all decor, or play around with cool blue or warm beige undertones to create different looks. 

Bold Pops of Color

Bold colors aren’t just for the kids’ playroom anymore! Bright hues in magenta, aqua, and mustard are invigorating and encourage fun and creativity.

Use bold pops of color in any room for an unexpected touch. Try a bold aqua accent wall in your living room, paired with bright furniture. Maybe a bright golden yellow in your home office to get you energized and ready to work.

Want to paint your whole room in magenta? Black wainscoting can help tone down bold hues, so as not to overwhelm the eyes.

Professional Interior Painting in Metro Detroit

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