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Here in Michigan it is hard to tell what day we will be shoveling snow, or jumping in the pool. This harsh, extreme weather: cold or hot, means the exterior of our homes, take a beating. Our patios and decks probably take the most abuse.

Most people want to have friends over, grill out, and relax on their deck during the summer. if your deck is rotted or too slippery because of the mildew buildup, this can be an embarrassing event. On the bright side, deck maintenance can be very simple if it is kept up from year to year.

There are multiple options for decks , such as, solid color staining or natural stain. We will go into more detail on the two in a future blog. For now we will reference as stain only. Here are some main tips to follow as the seasons change:

  1. Your deck should be powerwashed during the beginning of each spring. This will keep the dirt and mildew off, and create safe conditions for the upcoming year.
  2. Hit any raised nails back in, this will provide a safe, smooth walking surface for guests and pets.
  3. Lightly sand any wood that is fraying to avoid splinters on railing and decking.
  4. Replace any rotted boards for aesthetics and safety. Rotted railing or floor decking can be a hazard and can sometimes be easily overlooked.

After following these few tips, you can decide if your deck is in need of new stain or not. You do not have to worry about staining it every year; but in Michigan, you have to follow proper maintenance every season, and restain every 2-3 years.

If you don’t have time or just do not want to maintain your deck, give Armor Tough Coatings a call at 1-888-PAINTING or (248)716-0089 to help you with your outdoor living needs.