You are currently viewing How much will an Epoxy Floor Coating cost in Commerce Township MI?

We have been doing a variety of epoxy coatings over the last couple years and the first question is, “what is the price to do this in my home?”. There are many factors to consider when pricing out a project like this. Here is an idea of the cost of epoxy, to see if it fits in your budget.

Our premium floor coatings, on average, cost $5.50-6.50/sq ft. For example, if your basement is 1000 sq ft, then the average price would be $5,500-$6,500. Price can be lower or higher depending on the condition of your floor. If you are wanting this type of flooring on a wood sub-floor, the additional cost is $3.5/sq ft. Below are some factors that could potentially raise the price of your floor makeover:

  1. Thick coatings to be removed
  2. Special glues that are tougher to remove than others
  3. Excessive cracking, requiring more labor and materials to fix cracks
  4. Unlevel floor needing extra attention
  5. High moisture problems causing “wet spots” or puddling
  6. Older home with brittle concrete that may need additional coats of 100% epoxy
  7. Tight spaces requiring smaller or special equipment

Prep work for epoxy flooring:

All epoxy floors are treated the same way, no matter the size of the floor. At Armor Tough Coatings we only give the best to our customers. It is our mission to provide you with aesthetically pleasing, quality products that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

ALL floors will be ground down with our with segmented diamond grinders. Grinding will remove an old coating that is on the floor, or it will etch the surface of a bare floor. Etching the floor is imperative for the new epoxy to “bite” down, or bond to the ground.

Once the floor is ground down, we will address any imperfections into the concrete. Cracks and spalling (divots in concrete caused by the elements), will be filled in with a concrete patch.

How much epoxy is needed?:

For a premium flooring system, it requires four coats of a high build epoxy system.

The first coat is a moisture barrier primer. This primer is designed to seal the concrete and protect the epoxy from moisture coming through below the concrete. Without this first layer, even small amounts of moisture can and will cause your epoxy floor to crack, and flake.

Over the moisture barrier primer, we will apply a base coat of 100% epoxy. The base coat is either, a   black, white or gray base. The color of the base coat will depend on what top coat colors you have chosen.

Once the basecoat is down, we apply your top coat of 100% epoxy. This layer will be with the color(s) of your choice. This coat goes down very thick. The thickness of this layer is what will give you the glossy look seen in pictures.

Final Touches:

Our final step in this process is to lightly sand down the color coat. Sanding down the color coat allows us to remove any imperfections and will help ensure a smooth, even surface. Once that is completed, we apply a clear coat. There are a couple different choices of clear coat. The type of clear coat will depend on the location of your new epoxy flooring. Your Armor Tough Coatings, flooring specialist will be there to help you decide on the best clear coat choice, for your needs.

If epoxy flooring is something you are interested in learning more about, please contact 1-888-PAINTING. If you are outside of Oakland County or the (248) area code, please contact (248) 716-0089. You can also book a free estimate by filling out your information here.