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A clean workplace is a healthy workplace, not just in terms of helping prevent injuries, but also for preventing illnesses among your workers and customers.

While it may seem as if you’re doing enough by scheduling routine cleaning sessions for things such as emptying trash, cleaning the bathrooms, and sweeping and mopping floors, most buildings require more intensive cleaning services from time to time.

If you’re considering scheduling a thorough clean of your business’ building, the important question that comes to mind first usually is: How often does my building need to be thoroughly cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors.

What Industry Are You in?

If you own a small law office or other company where there’s not a lot of dust and debris being kicked up on a regular basis, you can usually get away with quarterly deep cleans on top of regular, routine cleaning.

However, for industrial buildings or any sort of industry where there’s a lot of mess made – including retail buildings where boxes are frequently opened and unpacked – more frequent deep cleaning may be required.

The more mess your regular business operations cause, the more likely you are to require more frequent thorough cleaning to help cleanse your space of the dust, dirt, and grime that comes from your day-to-day activities.

Do You Share Your Building?

The more businesses that are located in one building, the more people that are in and out on a daily basis. And the more people there are in a given space, the more mess that needs to be cleaned up.

If you’re in a shared space, even with just a few other small offices, you are more likely to require more frequent cleaning than is a company that has its own dedicated space.

Additionally, you have to think about what types of businesses you share your space with when figuring out how often you’ll schedule thorough cleans.

If you’re in a space with a bunch of similar small offices, you won’t need deep cleaning as often as you would if you share your space with retail, food service, or manufacturing of any kind.

How Many People Work There?

The more people, the more dirt and dust that are tracked in and stirred up.

Larger companies with dozens of employees are probably going to require more intensive cleaning of at least their high-traffic areas – floors, bathrooms, and break rooms – than a company that only employs a few people.

How Large Is the Space?

Just as more people in a space makes it more dirty, the larger the amount of space your office occupies, the more upkeep is required to keep that space tidy.

If you have a really large area, such as a warehouse or retail space, you may need to employ zone cleaning. This means that the cleaning crew tackles one area to deep clean every day, eventually cleaning the whole space over the course of a week or so.

Do You Often See Customers?

Not only does customer presence increase foot traffic and the potential for dirty spaces, it also means you have to pay particular attention to the overall appearance of your space.

If you regularly see customers, you may need to deep clean your lobbies, common hallways, and bathrooms more frequently than you clean private offices or spaces customers don’t see. This keeps them looking nice and gives your customers a good impression of your business.

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