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How we started:

The Dream

Armor Tough Coatings was founded during the early winter months of 2014 in White Lake, MI. The founder, Joe Elmore, had just separated from his employer of 8 years and was ready to put his skills to the test. He spent every working day of the prior years managing interior and exterior painting crews and finally felt that he had just the right amount of knowledge, courage, and leadership abilities to create his own company. Joe was finally ready to make his dreams a reality!

The Struggle

It wasn’t easy, though. Joe made many sacrifices and learned many valuable lessons during Armor Tough Coatings’s first year in business. He spent the majority of the first year working long hours. Initially, these hours were focused on company organization and administrative duties. However, when the business was finally setup, Joe struggled to find the right formula for success. He was barely able to string together enough small jobs to cover a workweek! After a few months of intermittent jobs, Joe realized he had the answer within him all long: network! Joe reached out to all of his close personal contacts and leveraged social media to help him create new opportunities. Bear in mind that, at this point, Armor Tough Coatings was a company with only one worker serving all company roles (CEO, controller, head painter, laborer, etc.).

The Climb

Being the eldest of three brothers from a blue-collar home, Joe was no stranger to setting great examples, taking charge, and working hard. So, naturally, he was ready for an increased workload and the accompanying challenges. Joe treated every home like it was his own. Customers quickly noticed his great attention to detail and amazing end product. Customers were so impressed, that they helped him get more jobs. Their glowing recommendations had their friends and family making appointments immediately.

Where we are at Now:

Armor Tough Coatings is a fully licensed and insured painting and contracting company based out of White Lake, Michigan (Oakland County). We primarily service communities in southeastern Michigan and are always looking to expand our geographic footprint. We specialize in home and industrial painting, specifically home interiors & exteriors; decks (staining and painting); and industrial/commercial machines, vehicles, and equipment. We’ve recently acquired the exclusive right to use the telephone number “1-888-PAINTING” in Oakland County (please dial 248-716-0089 in all other counties) and are excited for the related branding and promotional opportunities. We guarantee our work against all worker defects and have a 2 year warranty on most work. On top of our customer guarantee, Armor Tough Coatings has become a member of the PDCA; The Painting and Decorating, Contractors of America. This organization is a group of professionals, committed to excellence. Being a member of the PDCA means Armor Tough Coatings adheres to higher standards than many others painters in the area.