At Armor Tough Coatings, we offer premium interior painting services

Finding the right painting company can be a challenge. Your living room is where you hope to spend lots of quality time, and you don’t want to be distracted by paint streaks and patches while you do. 

Luckily, at Armor Tough Coatings we have a foolproof process that is sure to deliver you a living room paint job you can’t wait to show off.  

Color Selection

Color selection is arguably the most important step in any paint job. 

Whether you already have your color selected, or you want advice from our expert painters, we want to make sure the color you decide upon is perfect for you. 

We offer sample applications so you can experience the color before the work begins! This makes color selection a foolproof experience. 

Room Preparation

We know you have many valuables and important pieces of furniture in your living room

We ask that before we come to paint, you remove all wall decorations and pictures. Additionally, we recommend all other precious and breakable items be removed from the room before we commence work. We also ask that all windows and storm windows be closed. 

All of your furniture will be moved by us to the center of the room and covered with plastic sheeting. We cover all flooring with canvas drop cloths as well. This ensures none of your items incur any damage. 

For wall preparation, we remove all electrical face plates, hand scrape and sand the area, and caulk and putty holes, cracks, and voids. We confirm with you what you want done with nails and nail holes. If you want your decorations or pictures rehung in the same space, you may not want the hole filled. 

As an added bonus, we make any minor carpentry repairs such as nailing in loose moldings at no additional cost. We also apply a finish coat to all trim work!


Once our work is complete, we complete a final inspection and do any necessary touch-ups. 

When the paint job is officially complete and approved by you, we remove all tools and equipment. We then clean up by sweeping, vacuuming, and returning the room to its original state. 

When your living room is painted by Armour Tough Coatings you’re guaranteed satisfaction. Your room will be transformed into the perfect relaxing space you dreamt of. 

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