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The illusion behind Paint + Primer In One.

We have all heard about a 2 n 1 paint and primer product that amazingly helps you skip the dreaded step of using primer. Some of them even claim to cover in one coat, saving you lots of time and money. These days, whether you’re at a big box store or any paint retailer, you will see this being advertised. This feature seems to help sell a lot of paint and we hear about it every day. The downside, is that it does not always deliver what it claims to be able to.

Should you use “Paint and primer in one” products?

Don’t get me wrong, these products can still be great to use on any project. Most of them are just normal lines of paint that may have been reformulated in order to state this  2 in 1 feature.

If you are just painting for a color change, or small project, then this would be great to use. The old paint has already sealed the surface, and minor imperfections will be covered with the new paint. Any of them can still be used as normal paint, but we would still recommend two coats over any previous coating.

When to use primer and paint separately?

If you are working with raw materials needing to be finished, such as bare drywall, wood, and masonry, a  2 in 1 product may not be your best choice. Skipping the primer step, can result in uneven surface sheen or adhesion failure.

You could use a Paint+Primer as a first primer coat (although not recommended depending on the situation), but if you  use a stand-alone primer it can be can be considerably cheaper than finish paint, while still providing the quality you are looking for to complete your job.

Using a primer, specifically for your purpose,  will seal the surface you are looking to paint. This will leave a dull finish, that is ready to accept the correct paint for your project, also helping with long term adhesion.

These are a few examples of the situations that can come up when dealing with a painting project.  Every job is different so please discuss your project with your local paint expert in order to create a professional, long-lasting result.

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