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Preparing your house to sell is full of must-dos: You must fix those broken handrails. You must have great curb appeal. You must replace those broken shingles. This list of must-dos often includes giving your home a fresh coat of paint to make it more appealing, but how do you know what colors will sell and which will send buyers running?

Here are 5 things you MUST know when painting your house to sell:

Don’t Go Monochromatic on the Exterior

While one color may be recommended for interior painting, the large areas and varied sections of your home’s exterior scream for multiple colors. Pair neutral siding with a bolder color on shutters or trim for a classic, clean look. You want the exterior of your home to draw visitors in and make them want to see more, so avoid clashing colors or strange shades.

Think Neutrals for Indoors

While you may love that hunter green study, potential buyers may not. Repainting your home in neutrals – cream, sand, and light gray are great – allows buyers to better visualize their own belongings in the space, making them more likely to buy. If you’re still itching for a little extra personalization, grab some bolder accessories to give you that added visual interest.

Avoid Red

Red is one of those colors that people either love or hate. If you must have some red in your home while selling, stick with painting a door in a deeper hue of red. Anything more is likely to turn off large numbers of buyers.

Don’t Forget the Ceilings!

Ceilings need paint, too, and many homeowners forget to touch them up when repainting the walls. A fresh white ceiling can help even the smallest of rooms feel larger and more airy, giving potential buyers a pleasant impression of your home.

White Kitchens Rule the Roost

Though a range of neutrals is acceptable for living rooms and bedrooms, white is still the king of colors for kitchens. This doesn’t mean you have to go and paint all your cabinets white because you saw it in a magazine; it just means you might want to consider giving the walls a couple coats of white to make the kitchen more appealing to buyers. This is especially important if other aspects of your kitchen, such as cabinetry or appliances, are a little dated.

Skilled Home Painters in the Metro Detroit Area

At Armor Tough Coatings, we know getting your house ready to sell can be a pain, and adding extra paiting tasks onto your large to-do list is frustrating. Our skilled team can help you with every aspect of painting your home to sell, including choosing the right colors. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.