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The process to have your cabinets refinished (painted) can be very simple, or can create chaos. Here we will outline the 5 steps Armor Tough Coatings takes, in order to transform your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage, or any room, and make them look brand new.

Step 1: Cabinet Material

The first step is to determine what material that the cabinets are made of. This can range from real wood, to laminate, to thermofoil (mdf wood wrapped with laminate sheet). This step is important as the correct primer will need to be used in order for the topcoat to holdup and keep from peeling.

Step 2: Removal

Armor Tough then starts by removing (and labeling) all doors and drawers from the main boxes that are attached to the walls. During this step, all hardware is removed and will be replaced upon reinstallation. This is a good time to replace any broken hinges or pick out that new hardware you’ve had your eye on.

Step 3: Painting pt.1

Armor Tough then primes and paints at least two coats on all of the boxes using a brush and roller. This will achieve a near sprayed finish. The insides are not touched unless requested. This means all items can stay inside. This means avoiding the hassle of removing all of your items.


Step 4: Painting pt. 2

The painting of the doors and drawers will be done at our location. This is because the doors and drawers will be sprayed to a fine finish on both sides. This is the most crucial step as the doors are the main focus of all cabinets and if done right has the potential make them look as good as new… or better.

Step 5: Installation

The final step of our process is bringing everything back to your home to install once the paint has dried. The paint normally needs 1-3 days of dry times depending on the temperature and humidity. All items are wrapped in foam wrap. This protects the new finish from getting marred or scratched during transit. We will then replace your hardware with the original pieces or with your brand new ones.

Your newly refinished cabinets will look as though you just received them from the store. With  the right steps, products and care, these cabinets should last for years to come. ATC only uses the highest grade of primer and cabinet paint available in order to provide the cabinets of your dreams. Lesser quality materials can be used but are not recommended even when on a tight budget. Cheap materials can create an unprofessional finish, cause the cabinets to be more susceptible to chips, and lower the overall beauty of your new look.

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