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Are you ready to change up the interior of your house? Painting your home is a fun way to show your creativity, but some people are hesitant to dive into “risky” wall colors, especially dark ones.

Why are dark colors so intimidating when it comes to home painting? Strategically using dark colors can create drama and impact in your space without making it feel closed in. Here are 4 examples of how choosing a dark interior can give your home all the drama you want without the claustrophobic feel:

Dark Painted Living Room

Apartment Therapy

This interior is a perfect example of how starting small with one dark wall can give you big results. If you’re worried about committing to an all-dark room, consider using an accent wall to make the neutrals and bright colors in the room really stand in stark contrast.

Elegant wallpapered bathroom


Texture can be an excellent way to utilize a dark color. In this bathroom, the designer was able to create a sense of luxury using a simple glossy patterned wallpaper. The contrast of the white trims and bathroom fixtures give the room a satisfying balance, and adding in a pop of red as an accent color keeps the room from being dull.

Cozy living room with blue walls


Dark walls stun when used in a space with tons of natural lighting. The walls in this living room have a blue undertone that compliments both the blue and neutral furniture pieces. Without the natural lighting, you may not see those gorgeous dark blue tones on display. The dark colors also give a cozy vibe to this well-lit space.

Black foyer walls

House Beautiful

If you’re looking to amaze right as your guests enter, using dark paint to accent your entryway might be for you. Bold is an understatement; having your front door stand out is a creative way to use dark colors to make a small space pop, not look smaller!

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If you’re considering dark colors for your home’s interior walls, let the pros at Armor Tough Coatings guide you through the best ways to use deep, rich colors in your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.