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Hiring an interior painting contractor can be quite the process. Making calls, obtaining quotes, performing interviews… it’s a lot!

When you finally feel like you have found the right fit for your needs and your budget, it is time to draw up a contract.

You’re not a contractor. So how are you supposed to know that your contract is thorough and will protect you and your assets?

An interior painting contract should include a detailed breakdown of the job to be completed, as well as cost and materials used.

Below are a few items every painting contract should include, and what you should expect to see within them:

Executive Summary

The executive summary contains information about both the homeowner and the contractor. Names, addresses, and contact information will be included for both parties. 

This is also where the contractor’s proof of insurance and licensing can be found.

Payment Agreement

Here will be listed the agreed-upon amount due and when payments are due. This should include what parts of the job will be done by what date and how much of the total quote is due at that time.

This section should also include actions to be taken in the case that either party does not hold up their end of the payment agreement. This may include extra fees for late payments, or termination of the contract. 

Scope of Work

The scope of work lists the job to be done in detail. This includes:

  • What is being painted
  • Square footage, if applicable
  • Types of surfaces
  • Preparation work, including how they will protect valuable items
  • Repairs and/or specific pre-treatments that may be required
  • Warranty details

The breakdown of the job should be specific, stating what will be done as well as what will be the homeowner’s responsibility. You may be responsible for prep work before the crew gets there. That will be listed in this section.

Any changes to the scope of work should be in the form of a written change order signed by both the contractor and yourself

Product Information

The product information section is used to list out any products being used such as joint compound, paint, finishes, and stains.

Specific brands should be listed, as well as chosen colors.

The contractor should also list all equipment to be used, such as drop cloths, tape, brushes, rollers, etc.

Information about the clean-up process, and who is responsible for which parts of it (contractor or homeowner), should also be listed in this section.

Detailed Cost Estimate

The detailed cost estimate is exactly what it sounds like – a more itemized list of cost of supplies and services.

The  cost breakdown will include the number of gallons of paint, primer, and stains needed, as well as cost per gallon. It should also include any expenses for renting special equipment.

Make sure to carefully read every part and double check any items that may be missing. You should only sign when you are satisfied that everything has been included, with no surprises.

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