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Your business is your livelihood, and the shape it is in sends a message to your clientele. If you are noticing imperfections in the paint on your walls and equipment, chances are so are your guests.

Enter the professional industrial paint contractor: Trained to deal with all types of painting impurities quickly so you can get back to business as usual.

Here are 6 of the most common paint issues an industrial painting contractor can fix for you: 

Faded Paint

If your walls see a lot of sunlight, you may notice that your paint loses some of its brightness. Ultraviolet rays cause the pigment in the paint to break down, which is why you may notice it the most on your building’s exterior. 

A professional painting contractor will know the best primer and paint to use to refresh your walls and prevent fading from happening again.

Paint Runs

When too much paint has been applied at once, little pools form and start running down the walls, leaving unsightly streaks. Thankfully, it is a fairly easy fix! 

Your industrial painting contractor will be able to do a light sanding, wipe down, and paint touch up to remedy the problem.


When stains show up in your paint, it’s a sign of an impurity underneath. 

Rust, mold, and mildew are just a few of the problems that can work their way through to the surface. It is important to use a high-quality primer that can seal the area and prevent any more seeping through. 

An industrial painting contractor will know exactly what to use and how to apply it properly for optimal results.

Gritty Surface

Even if you thoroughly cleaned your walls before painting, it is nearly impossible to get every speck of dirt. When dirt gets into your paint, it can create a gritty surface that not only looks dingy, but feels bad too!

If you painted your walls and it left a gritty texture, your painting contractor should be able to sand it down and repaint. A paint strainer may be used to ensure that the new paint does not have the same issue.

Flaking, Peeling, & Blistering

When your paint is flaking off, peeling in large sections or bubbling up, it is a sign of a moisture problem. Interior and exterior walls can be victim to moisture, mold, mildew, and rust, causing the paint to warp and even fall off! 

Before repainting, you may have to have your building tested for mold, and even have drywall removed and replaced. Your industrial painting contractor will be able to recommend next steps. Some may even be able to cut out the problem area and fill it back in!


Cracking paint occurs when paint was thinned too much, or dried too quickly, typically in a cool environment.

Painting over the cracks is not ideal! If it is a small area, a professional painting contractor will be able to just sand down the spot and repaint. If, however, the crack goes all the way down a wall, or there are multiple cracks, there is no choice but to repaint the whole surface. This means sanding off the existing paint, priming correctly, and repainting. 

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