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Your business is unique, and so are your needs when hiring an industrial painting contractor. You can’t just call up any painter from the phone book and expect the job to be done correctly; industrial painting requires skill, knowledge, and special equipment that makes the job easier and more durable than residential painting.

But choosing the right industrial painting contractor isn’t always easy. What questions do you ask? How do you know that the person you’re talking to is going to do the best job possible for your business’s needs?

Finding the right industrial painter for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing an industrial painting contractor for your business:


The Basics

Before you even proceed to asking how an industrial painter can meet your needs, you have to make sure everything is squared away from a professional standpoint. You want a rock-solid, dependable, professional painter, not someone who’s just taking jobs here and there.

Some things you need to look for or ask about when investigating a potential painter include:


  • Experience: How long as the company been in business? What’s their training process like? You want someone that has been around for a while and understands the challenges that industrial painting can present.
  • Insurance: Does the business carry insurance on its work and its employees? If you hire someone who doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, for example, you could be on the hook for any costs should one of your painter’s employees injure themselves.
  • License: Is the company licensed to conduct business in your state?
  • Recommendations: Do prior industrial painting clients recommend your chosen painter? Ask for the names and contact information of a few people, and actually reach out to them. Also check the company’s online reviews on Google, Facebook, or other reviewing platforms.
  • Complete quotes: Are the quotes provided inclusive of all foreseeable line items? Do you receive an itemized quote instead of a big number the painter estimates the whole project to cost? You want to be able to see how much each part of your job is going to cost, and ask about their policy about flaws or re-dos.


Sync up Timelines

Time is money, and your timeline for completion of your project may not line up with the availability of your painter. If you’re on a strict time crunch but your chosen painter won’t be able to meet that deadline, you may have to bypass an otherwise great industrial painting contractor.

Be up front about your needs. If you must have the painting completed in a week so that another phase of a remodel can happen, or because you’re facing a work stoppage without it, tell any contractors you interview. They’ll let you know whether they’ve got the team available to make that deadline work.

If you’re flexible with your completion dates, such as you just want to give your equipment a spruce up but aren’t under any strict time constraints, give the contractor a ballpark completion date.

Simply saying, “Whenever you can get to it” means different things to different people, so avoid potential frustration by giving a goal date but with the understanding that you can be flexible within that time frame.


Be Specific

Most anyone can hold a paintbrush and do a passable job on a flat wall with standard paint, but industrial painting jobs are a whole different animal.

Your paint job is going to either be in a prominent area of your business, such as the shop floor or the exterior of your building, or it’s going to be on something crucial to the money you make, such as your machinery. Understanding the unique needs of the project, the type of paint or coating you need, and any potential pitfalls is essential to a smooth painting project that isn’t going to need redone.

An experienced industrial painter will know how to assess the unique needs of each project and make the correct recommendations. But you also need to be specific with what you want and need when it comes to the process and the results you’ll see so that you can determine who can best meet your needs and who doesn’t make the cut.


Check Their Connections

A great industrial painting team is always keeping up on the newest industry knowledge and changes to products. This helps them find the right products and methods for every painting job, constantly evolving their processes to be more efficient and effective.

Find out how often your chosen painting crew touches base with their paint vendors and whether they keep abreast of changes to their industry.

If your chosen painter says they’ve been using the exact same products and methods for years, they may not be the most up-to-date choice which could result in you needing to repaint a year down the road instead of the 3 years you could get out of a newer coating or painting tool.


Experienced Industrial Painting Contractor in Metro Detroit

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