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You’ve had a few consultations, interviewed some contractors, and think you’ve found the perfect industrial painter. It’s time to draw up a contract. 

A painting contract is a rundown of all the services and products to be provided during the job. Listing all the specifics protects you, the business owner, should any issues arise later. But what should be included?

Below we have laid out what your contract should look like:

Executive Summary

The executive summary is just a rundown of the two parties involved in the contract. Your name, address and contact information will be listed here. You will also find the contractors contact information, as well as credentials, licensing, worker’s comp, and insurance information.

Scope of Work

Here you will find a detailed outline of the project, including:

  • What is being painted
  • Square footage, if applicable
  • Types of surfaces
  • Preparation work, including how they will protect or cover valuable items in the room
  • Repairs and/or specific pre-treatments that may be required
  • Warranty details

The breakdown of the job should be specific, stating what will be done as well as what will be excluded.

Are you, the client, responsible for any prep work before the job? If so, it should all be listed here.

Product Information

This section is used to describe any products that will be used during the job. This may include:

  • Joint compound
  • Primer
  • Oil based and/or acrylic paint including specific brands, if applicable
  • Finishes and stains
  • Chosen paint colors
  • Sealcoating or other specialty coating

The contractor will also list equipment used, such as drop cloths, tape, paint brushes, rollers, scaffolding, pressure washer, etc.

Information about clean-up, and who is responsible for it, should also be listed here.

Detailed Cost Estimate

The detailed cost estimate should remain pretty close to your original quote, plus or minus any adjustments made while finalizing details. If you have any questions, ask before you sign – It could save you money!

A good cost breakdown should list the number of gallons of paints, primers, and stains needed as well as cost per gallon. It should also include any expenses for renting special equipment.

Your contractor should also present am estimated finish date with dates of milestones, as well as a payment schedule indicating exactly what is owed and when.

Make sure to carefully read every part and double check any items that may be missing. Only sign when you are sure that everything that was discussed is outlined with nothing added or missing.

Professional Industrial Painting in the Detroit Metro

Your business’s public image relies heavily on the appearance of your buildings and equipment. Keeping them in top condition means routine cleaning and painting courtesy of an experienced industrial painting company.

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