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Concrete is tough. It’s why we use it for everything from city roads to parking structures. Aside from a sledge hammer or an earthquake, concrete is pretty indestructible, right?

Short answer: not at all. It can wear down over time, cracking and staining after exposure to natural elements or heavy-duty work. This sort of damage isn’t just unsightly, but also unsafe. Using epoxy is one of the most popular ways to keep concrete flooring looking professional, clean, and hazard-free.

Still need convincing? Here are 4 major benefits of epoxy flooring in your garage or workshop:

Easiest to Clean

There’s a reason why one of the most popular means of cleaning a concrete floor is with a power hose: concrete isn’t exactly the easiest surface to clean. Oil, bleach, gasoline, and all other manner of chemicals could trickle down the tiny little cracks on its surface, breaking your tough floor down over time. Even if such accidental spills don’t cause long-term structural damage, they could cause frustrating stains and smells that take a very long time to get rid of.

When you’re coating your concrete floor in epoxy, you’re not just strengthening an already-strong floor. You’re also laying down an impressive sheet of durable coverage, covering any nicks and cracks that could be damaged or dirtied over time. This allows for a much faster and easier clean-up, as well as a healthier work environment overall.

Professional Aesthetic

Whether you’re using your garage to fix up your car or using your workshop to build furniture, you want to take pride in your workspace (even more so if you’re running a business out of your home). It’s easy to get lost in your work and let a few things slide, like a small spill here or a little crack there. Over time, however, these “few things” can pile up, resulting in various stains, grime, cracks, and dirt that are very difficult to buff out.

Aside from the clean-up benefits we’ve already discussed, epoxy coating presents your concrete floor with a bright, glossy sheen that instantly livens up your work area. This clean shine gives off an air of professionalism in any garage or workshop. Even if clean aesthetics don’t matter much to you, the natural reflection given off by an epoxy coating will help brighten your workspace, an added perk that any worker would be able to benefit from.

Quick to Install

Replacing concrete is a tedious, time-consuming, even difficult task. The longer you put it off, the more damage accumulates, and the longer you’ll have to wait for every foot of damaged concrete to be replaced. Laying down tile is easier, though still tedious and expensive; you not only have to measure every foot of your work area down to the centimeter, but you also have to purchase the right amount of tiles, measure and cut those, and then literally lay every one down yourself.

The process of applying epoxy coating to your concrete floor, meanwhile, is quick, relatively simple, and doesn’t require any meticulous measuring or heavy-duty power tools. The epoxy dries quickly, allowing you to get back to your work much faster.  

Prevents Wear on Vehicles

What if you barely use your garage? Maybe you only really use it to store your car, lawn mower, and other heavy lawn tools? What benefit could epoxy have if the only things sitting on it are various vehicles?

Turns out, even a layer of epoxy in between your car’s tires and the rough concrete is beneficial! By providing that thin buffer space, you’re actually giving your car a gentler place to rest, easing the wear on its tires and expanding their use. Who would’ve thought that such a seemingly tiny layer of shiny coating could benefit something as heavy as your trusty vehicle?

Professional Epoxy Flooring in Metro Detroit

You take pride in your garage or workshop space. At Armor Tough Coatings, we want to help you keep your space looking nice with a durable, easy-care epoxy floor coating. All our epoxy coatings can be custom-mixed to meet your needs, and they come in standard and metallic finishes. Call today for an estimate!