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It is a good rule of thumb when getting any work done, to get three different estimates. This is true, whether you are looking to have your car fixed or hiring a contractor to work in your home or office. When getting estimates from different contractors around the area, not only do you get to compare pricing, but also see what each company is about. Not every contractor is a good fit for every home or business owner. In comparing the estimates, it is important to decipher what each contractor has to offer. Sometimes going with the lowest price also means going with the lowest quality.

1. Value: What will they provide and how?

In our case, if someone looking to hire us as a painting contractor, we will always suggest getting, at least, two more estimates after the meeting. Although, everyone would love to be chosen right away, you, as the customer will feel more at peace with your choice if you have done your research.

Any professional will be able to offer their advice, and explain in detail what should be done for the particular project. Will they use a sprayer? Why? Will they use a brush and roller? Why? Will they do one coat or two? It is very important to ask these questions, and any other questions you may have, so that you know what to expect.

To get the best deal possible, you, as the customer should know what each estimate entails. How much prep work is going into this project, what materials will be used, what steps will be taken to ensure a quality job?

2. Warranty- how much will the contractor stand behind their work.

Getting a warranty with your project may be one of the most important things to consider. This warranty should cover workmanship as well as the paint. If the paint peels or fades, who is going to pay to fix the problem? If the painter will not warranty their work, then how do you know the project will end up how you want it? Most of the time, the lowest quote does not offer a warranty or the best materials to do the job.

3. Testimonials- experiences from past customers.

Always do research on the prospective company’s website, facebook page, or any other forum with reliable information. This allows you to see their past work, and how they engage with their customers. You should also be able to find any reviews they have received. Many companies, will have written reviews on their pages, along with a star rating. These are easy identifiers to look for first. Second to those are video testimonials (ATC’s review page). A video testimonial would be: actual past customers sharing their experience on camera. Also, asking for references in addition to reviews will help you choose who to hire.

Every painter in Commerce Township will be different. In the end, you are the one who decides who to hire. When you are spending any amount of money, you want to know that the value exceeds the price you will be paying and these steps should help guide you to the best decision for you.