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Painting a business that makes or serves food products presents a unique set of issues.

Not only must the paint look good and be long-lasting, but it also has to be food safe and must promote hygiene. But determining when to use food safe paint instead of a hygiene coating can be complicated.

When to Use Food Safe Paint

If your varnish, coating, or paint will come into physical contact with food products, such as in a silo or a food packaging plant, you’ll need food safe paint. 

The Food and Drug Administration requires the use of resinous and polymeric coatings for surfaces that will contact food when producing, manufacturing, processing, preparing, treating, packing, packaging, transporting, or holding food.

So, if your business uses equipment that packages food, your equipment likely needs to be coated with food-safe paint.

When to Use Hygiene Coating

For those other surfaces in your facility that you need to keep clean and in good repair, you can use hygiene coatings. So your floors, walls, and other equipment that isn’t going to be in direct contact with food, you want something that’s abrasive, hard-wearing, and chemical-resistant.

In many cases, epoxy resin coatings will do the job to provide you the durable coating you need while also offering a wide range of colors to suit any look. And, if you’ve got surfaces that aren’t suitable for epoxy coatings that need coating, paints that are suitable for the amount of wear and tear the item will receive will work.

Industrial Painting Contractors in Metro Detroit

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