A coat of paint may be the least expensive way to freshen up your home, but it is hardly the easiest. Walk into any store that sells paint, and you are face-to-face with thousands of color options in every color and tone. Not to mention having to choose a finish and paint type. It’s enough to make your head spin!

Once you have chosen a wall color, you need to pick a trim color that coordinates. While white is the typical choice, it is not the only one. Here are some tips for choosing the right trim color for your home:

Use Your Wall Color

For a streamlined, modern effect, paint your trim the same color as your wall. This makes the room appear larger and is certainly an easier choice. Use the same exact color or tinted version, being sure to keep the undertone of the wall color in mind.

This is a great option for an open floor plan where each room is a different color.  By keeping the trim style and color consistent you create cohesiveness from room to room.

Going Lighter

White is the classic choice, but choosing the right shade of white is no easy task. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of shades of white. The choices can be overwhelming.

The easiest way to narrow it down is to pay attention to undertones, as well as availability of natural light. For cooler wall colors, stick to your cool “bluish whites.” Cool tones work very well in rooms that get a lot of natural light. The way the light reflects off the trim provides a clean look, perfect for a beach house feel.

For warmer walls with limited natural light, the more yellow off-whites are a better choice. Cooler whites in this setting can come off as gray.

Going Darker

Darker trim colors, including black, have increased in popularity recently. It’s a beautiful way to frame a window view. On baseboards and door frames, it adds depth and interest to a room. Dark trim offers a beautiful contrast against the currently trendy soft wall colors. This is a great option to make a room feel more intimate.

You don’t have to go with a dark brown or black. You can also pick a color a few shades darker than your wall color for a more cohesive look.

Natural Wood

If your trim is made of a high-quality wood or contains an intricate design, it may be best to leave well enough alone. Let the natural color and texture of the wood create some warmth in the room.

If you don’t like the natural color of the wood, use the tips above to help you pick a stain color that compliments your walls well.

Professional Interior Painting in Metro Detroit

Once you have chosen your colors, let Armor Tough Coatings take care of the rest! Our painting services cover everything from prep to final walkthrough. Our experts are happy to help you determine the right finish and paint type for your goals, and answer any of your questions along the way. We believe in a job well done to our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why all of our paint jobs come with a 3 or 5 year warranty. Schedule your estimate online today!