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Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s where meals are made, guests are entertained, and homework is done. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so it should be a place that makes you feel happy!

Studies have shown that colors have a profound effect on our moods, so choosing the right colors for a room where you spend most of your time is very important! With so many options in paint colors, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash, how do you know you are making the right choice?

Below are some things to consider when choosing the best color palette for you:

Favorite Colors

Your favorite color is your favorite for a reason. It probably makes you pretty happy!

Head to the hardware store and start collecting paint chips in your favorite colors, and any others that appeal to you in person. Many paint centers also have idea books that can give you a jumping off point for inspiration.

Not sure what colors you want? Think about the atmosphere you are trying to create. Different colors produce different emotions. Here are a few to consider:

  • White is a classic neutral that will give you a clean feel every time. It serves as a great base for a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Blues are calm and relaxing. They are especially beautiful in lighter shades on the wall, cabinets, or even the ceiling.
  • Yellow is reminiscent of sunshine, and is a great way to create a bright and cheery room. It is also believed to make people hungry.
  • Green, like blue, is also a relaxing color and a great way to add an unexpected pop of color in your kitchen, though it is also beautiful as a main color.
  • Neutrals on your wall allow you to express your creativity with bright colors elsewhere, such as in your decor or your backsplash.

Don’t forget to check magazines, design blogs, and Pinterest for design inspiration. You can get a good idea of what is trending, and maybe even find a color combination you didn’t think of!

The Big Picture

Wall color is only one small part of your kitchen design. You also have your cabinets, backsplash, and flooring to consider. If you are not replacing them, you have to take their existing hues into account. If you are doing a complete update, your options are endless!

Start with your cabinets. They take up the most wall space in your kitchen and really draw the eye. Do you want stained or painted? Light or dark? White cabinets are bright and clean-looking, but will show dirt and grime, so may not be the best option for a kid-friendly household.

Countertops are the biggest surface in your kitchen and the most difficult and expensive to replace should you want to change up your kitchen again. Opt for a neutral hue to allow your backsplash and paint colors to stand out.

Get creative with your backsplash! You can get away with a bright color on your backsplash since it is mostly covered by countertop appliances and takes up very little wall space anyway. If you are worried that a bright color will limit your paint options, go for a neutral. Backsplash comes in a variety of materials, allowing you to get creative with textures and patterns.


Changing lighting throughout the day can affect the look of your chosen paint color. Hang the paint chips in the room or, better yet, use samples to paint small sections of the wall. Pay attention to the difference between natural sunlight and artificial lighting.

If your kitchen does not get a lot of natural sunlight during the day, you may find that you need to paint it a lighter color to keep it from feeling dark and gloomy.

Adjacent Rooms

With an ever-increasing love for an open floor plan, it’s important to consider the rooms adjacent to your kitchen. Choose colors that will create a cohesive flow from room to room. Try keeping the walls all the same color, but painting the ceiling in the kitchen to set it apart.

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