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If your kitchen is looking a little dated, or you’re itching to make a change in your home, you may be considering completely replacing your kitchen cabinets. We at Armor Tough Coatings say, before you make the jump, stop!

Here are four reasons you may want to consider repainting your cabinets instead of replacing them.

You are on a budget

High-quality kitchen cabinets are expensive. Many of the lower-cost options out there are made of pressed wood, which is not as durable as the more expensive, solid wood options. If you want the biggest bang for your kitchen remodel buck, repainting can give you the change you crave at the price point your wallet requires.

You still like the basic structure of your cabinets

If you enjoy the layout of your kitchen, or the storage space inside your cabinets suits your family’s needs, repainting your existing cabinets may be right for you. Choosing all new cabinets is a bit of a gamble if you want to maintain the exact layout, interior structure, or size of your cabinets.

Repainting is more customizable

Do you want green cabinets? Chalkboard-front cabinets? Stenciling? When choosing new cabinets, you are bound by what you can find in the stores or have a carpenter custom-create. By repainting your cabinets, you can get that custom look you desire for less hassle.

Your cabinets are in good shape

If your cabinets still are structurally sound and you can’t see signs of wear and tear, there isn’t much of a need to completely replace them. A new coat of paint or a fun treatment can give new life to old cabinets.

You want the project done with the least amount of disruption to your kitchen

Completely replacing your cabinets requires tearing out all your existing cabinets and re-hanging brand new ones. In doing all that work, you risk damaging your walls, floors, and appliances with all the work, which can take a long time. Repainting cabinets with a professional crew usually only takes a few days, causing your home and family the least amount of disruption possible in your pursuit of a fresh look.

When you are ready to explore all the options repainting your cabinets can open up for your kitchen, contact us at Armor Tough Coatings to schedule an estimate!