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Sometimes painting your walls all a solid color feels boring. 

Whether you are painting a kids’ playroom or looking for some visual interest in the living room, you’re sure to get the creative juices flowing with one (or more!) of these wall painting trends:


Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, chevron… there is so much you can do with stripes!

Try one large stripe in a dark color all around a white room to emphasize color contrast.

Going for a more monochromatic look? Paint vertical stripes in two shades of the same color, or with different finishes for a more subtle design.

Chevron stripes are a great addition to a nursery or playroom. Use bright, fun colors like aqua and yellow to inspire creativity. Black or gray neutrals allow colorful furniture and textiles shine.

Abstract Patterns

Painter’s tape is a great way to create an abstract design with sharp, clean lines.

You can randomize your straight lines or model them after some sort of pattern you like. Paint over your taped design in your desired color. Wait for it to dry, and then peel to reveal your abstract art!

You can also use different colors throughout each blank space for a color blocked look.


For a truly unique design, you can free-hand shapes, lines, dots, or an entire mural!

Not sure about your ability to free-hand? Print your desired picture onto an overhead projector sheet. Project onto your wall, trace, and fill in with paint. 

Inspired By Nature

Bringing the outside in is a great way to create a calming atmosphere. Free-hand paint or use stencils to create wood patterns, trees, plants, flowers, etc.

You can also use nature as stamps. Just dip leaves, sticks, flowers, or whatever you can find into your paint and carefully “stamp” on to your wall.


Ombre walls create a calming, serene look.

If you are using one color, start with the darkest color on the bottom, and fade up to the lightest.

You can also blues, purples, oranges and yellows together to create a soft sunset effect.


Chalkboard paint is still making waves in interior design. With its unique finish, variety of colors, and ease of use, it’s no wonder it has become so popular!

If you have children who love to draw, consider a chalkboard wall in their space for endless artistic fun!


Adding texture is a subtle way to break up a solid color without it looking gaudy.

Break out some everyday household objects to create a unique look.

  • Use a large brush swept across wet paint to create tiny white lines for texture.
  • Rolled up t-shirts and rags can create a variety of patterns when dipped into your paint and dabbed carefully onto the wall.
  • A large sponge can create a watercolor effect.
  • Use a typical wall painting brush in a new way by using random brush strokes in all directions.
  • Painter’s tape isn’t just for straight lines! Try tearing the tape for a different design.

Combined Techniques

Don’t be afraid to combine multiple techniques to create a style all your own!

Free hand with a sponge for a watercolor design, create a colorblocked look within your abstract designs, make your stripes ombre! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

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