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In need of a bathroom or kitchen update? Don’t have $10,000+ just laying around? Call Armor Tough Coatings to refinish your cabinets and vanities. Newly refinished cabinets can change the whole look of a room and give you the fresh feel you’re looking for. Refinishing cabinets is half the cost of buying new cabinets, maybe even less! Not to mention, Armor Tough Coatings offers a 5-year labor and material warranty.

During the last year Armor Tough Coatings refinished 2-3 kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities each month. Refinishing cabinets is becoming the new trend for updates and makeovers. The cost to this updating alternative varies, based on the size of your kitchen.  To make things simple this is how we count pieces to your kitchen or bathroom.

1 regular door          = 1 piece

1 extra large door   = 2 pieces

2 small drawers      = 1 piece

For example, this bathroom vanity is between 4-6  pieces will cost between $300-$450.

This smaller kitchen, which is between 20 – 26 pieces, will cost between $1500 and $1950.

This medium kitchen, which is between 29 – 33 pieces will cost between $2175 and $2475.

This large kitchen, between 38 – 43 pieces will cost between $2850 and $3275.

Even with other factors such as your cabinets being in poor condition, putting a fresh coat of paint on them will be far less expensive, and offer a wider variety of options, than spending $10,000 or more to purchase new cabinets. (Previous layers of paint can affect your warranty status).

In most cases, we can give you any information requested and a range of pricing over the phone. To schedule a free estimate fill out the form here or call Armor Tough Coatings at 1-888-PAINTING or, if outside of the 248 area code call (248) 716-0089.