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Gray is the perfect color for most homes. It’s the perfect blend of modern and cozy, sophisticated and calming. And with the variety of shades to choose from, there is no style it won’t compliment.

That being said, sometimes the amount of options can be a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for the perfect shade of gray for your walls, read these tips:

Warm Tones or Cool Tones?

All paints consist of warm and cool undertones. Even gray paint contains traces of other hues, and that is what separates blue-gray from green-gray from pink-gray. 

Cool tones of gray will have a bluish or navy hue that make a space feel more calming, airy, and modern. Warm tones, on the other hand, might have a hint of beige, lavender, or peach. They will make a space feel more inviting and reflect the most natural light.

Consider what tone of gray you might be interested in by looking at a wall of swatches at the paint store. If you’re not sure if a gray is warm or cool, try looking down the columns of swatches to see if other colors pop out. 

Know Your Lighting

Another important factor to understand when choosing a paint color is the lighting of the room. 

The effects of the natural and artificial light sources in your home can bring out different tones in the grays that you didn’t notice at the store. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a variety of swatches home with you and compare them in the room.

For example, light from north-facing windows will bring out the cool, bluish tones in grays. Yellow-toned light bulbs will have the opposite effect, bringing out more brown hues. 

Look at the swatches under different light sources and different times of day to discover how they behave differently. 

Consider the Other Features of the Room

It’s true that gray goes with pretty much everything. Still, it’s important to hold the swatches against the other features of the room to make sure they don’t clash.

This includes the cabinets, counters, molding, appliances, couches, and other central furniture items. Don’t forget the tiles, carpet, or flooring as well.

If these other features have cool tones, it’s best to compliment them with a cool-toned gray, and vice versa.  

Test a Few Samples

After you’ve narrowed down your options to a few swatches, try a few different samples on the walls. This will give you the best prediction of what it will look like in your room.

Most importantly, be patient when making your decision. Let them sit for a few days so you can observe the colors in different lighting conditions. This waiting time will also help you be sure you’re confident with your decision. 

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