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Your industrial equipment is the key to your livelihood. Big service contracts can be won or lost on the appearance of machinery and production floors during an inspection. Keeping the exterior of your equipment in good shape is just as important to your business as cleaning and maintaining the interior components. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t skip this vital step in equipment maintenance:

Protection against rust and corrosion

Your industrial equipment works hard. It is subject to high temperatures, long hours, and near-constant use during production hours. All these factors can combine to increase the risk that your machinery will develop rust or other signs of corrosion. While cleaning and painting cannot guarantee that your equipment will not develop corrosion or rust, routine exterior maintenance can help guard against these damaging factors. The regular cleaning and inspection that comes with exterior painting services even can spot problems before they begin.

Longer equipment service life

Cleaning, inspecting, and protecting your equipment every few years can restore it to its original look even as it ages. Properly protecting the exterior of your machinery guards against wear, tear, and disrepair, all of which can cause downtime and a loss of productivity. Keeping your equipment’s outside in top shape can extend its life, saving you money in the long run.

Better resale value

When it comes time to trade in or trade up your equipment, properly maintained pieces that appear to have weathered the years of use well will fetch better prices. If you spend the time and money up front to keep your machinery in good working order, you will reap the rewards of a higher resale price years later.

Improved appearance can mean better sales

Equipment that appears to be well-maintained and in good condition can instill confidence in potential customers. When a prospective new client tours your production floor for a facility inspection during the contract bidding process, clean equipment with shiny paint could mean the difference between them choosing your bid or someone else’s. Maintaining your equipment not only saves you money, but it can make you money as well.

Cleaning and repainting your industrial equipment every two to three years is vital to its ability to keep your business going. At Armor Tough Coatings, we clean, inspect, and repaint your equipment with minimal disruption to your production. Contact us today for a quote on your industrial painting project!