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Home design seems to be all the rage nowadays, with HGTV home improvement shows and Pinterest boards galore inspiring many of the ideas shared. Homeowners and renters alike are scrambling to make their homes feel like the cover of Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

However, many of us are struggling to keep our homes planted in the now. The first step to any home remodel is recognizing what needs to go, especially dated designs. Here are 3 ways your walls might make your home look outdated:


There’s nothing that says outdated more than Victorian wallpaper. Tear it down! Those botanical garden murals are an easy giveaway that your home has seen better days. This paint-alternative dominated much of the 20th century until modern homeowners turned to the simple (and easier to change) method of painting with solids, including go-to shades of white, beige, and gray.

However, there are contemporary wallpaper designs that are making their way back into people’s homes. The difference? New designs featuring light and airy geometric lines complement the room’s furnishings and keep the atmosphere fresh. If your wallpaper makes the room feel like a black hole or a carnival fun house, that’s a good indication you need to make a change.

Paint Colors

It’s time to retire those lilac bathroom walls, those navy blue dining rooms, and those off-white bedrooms. As you walk back down memory lane, you’ll find unique color combinations governing each decade. Take a look at 50 years in color to see which what color combinations might be marking your home “outdated.”

Many interior designers use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to craft picture-perfect color combinations. This is a great resource to get a sense of which colors are in and which are not. The good news is that paint is much easier to switch and update over the years compared to wallpaper.

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Wall Panelling

Ah, the good ol’ “wood” panels that scream 1960s. These floor-to-ceiling panels are a sure way to keep your home living in the past. Wood panels bring back the retro style of your parents’ dwelling and can make your room feel small, closed, and confined.

Rip them down if you want to breathe life back into your home. If you can’t remove them, at the very least paint them a neutral color to lighten up the room. If you need some help, take a tip from HGTV on Armor Tough Coatings.

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