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During the pandemic, it was assumed that working from home would only be a temporary solution. However, three years later, we can see that was not the case. Many businesses and employees enjoyed the benefits of a hybrid or even fully remote work model.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of people primarily working from home has tripled since 2019, from roughly 9 million people to now 27.6 million people. The numbers are projected to continue increasing. 

Working from home is not without its problems, of course. Many people struggle to focus and remain productive in their most comfortable environment. 

Having a separate space for your home office can help. That space needs to be curated for productivity, even down to the paint color. Here are our recommendations for five paint colors that boost productivity in your home office.

Off-White and Pale Neutrals

For small rooms, light colors can help open up the space. Off-white shades and pale neutrals are great for creating a clean, minimal, and focused vibe.

Another great benefit of these colors is the brightness they create. Sunlight is known to energize the mind and jumpstart creativity. Light colors reflect the natural light and amplify it, allowing you to enjoy this benefit tenfold. 

Light Blue or Teal

Psychologically speaking, every color evokes a mood. Red can energize and excite people, while yellow can make you hungry.

Light blue or teal colors are known to create a productive mood in viewers. They are calming and non-distracting, allowing them to blend into the background as you focus on your work. 

Olive Green

Deep colors, such as olive green, can also have a calming effect. This color evokes the scholarly feeling of an old library.

Another benefit is its uniqueness. Deep green is not often seen in homes, so reserving it for your home office can condition your brain to associate the color with work. 

Pale Pink

If you work in a creative field, a bright and playful color could be just what you need. We recommend pale or dusty pink. 

This color evokes passion, fun, and inspiration. It can help the mind generate new ideas and maintain them throughout the creation process. 

It is also significantly less dreary than classic home office colors. If you find your mood often dips while you work from home, a lovely pink can keep your spirits high, allowing you to get more work completed. 

Dark Gray

Finally, consider dark gray paint for a productive home office. This creates a very modern feel akin to a newly renovated office building. When the home office feels a little less like home, you can appropriately designate your focus and energy.

We recommend accentuating the sharp gray with lively green plants. 

Keep in mind that dark colors should be used only in large spaces or those with plenty of light. Otherwise, the gray can make the space feel smaller and claustrophobic. 

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