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Picture walls are a great way to incorporate the people and things you love into your home’s design. Creating a wall dedicated to photos, art, and other collectibles may feel a little overwhelming, but if you follow some simple guidelines and let your creativity flow, you will be amazed at the finished product!

Choose Your Theme

Do you want all of the pictures to be of your family? Should they be all black and white? Will it be a mix of photos, paintings, and other objects to add interest? Your theme is the base of the next design decisions you’ll have to make.

Where’s it Going?

Choosing the right wall is an important step in creating the perfect photo display! Maybe you have tons of paintings or photos you want to show off; think about utilizing a larger space where you can spread them out. Maybe your collection is small and intimate, such as an engagement photoshoot or old photos from a relative – this sort of set could look lovely on a smaller or narrow wall.

What’s Your Style?

The style of your photo wall will be largely determined by the space you’re putting it in. If you’re going to display your photo wall in your casual family room, you can get away with a mismatch design that includes different frames and photos and may look asymmetrical. If you’re going to be putting the display in a more formal space, like a dining room, consider sticking with frames that will match your walls and furniture and keeping the sizes and display heights symmetrical.

Lay It Out

Before you hang up anything, take some time to spread out your pieces on the floor and decide on a layout. Visualizing the finished product before making any marks on your wall can save you from any unnecessary re-arrangements while hanging objects up!

Keep in mind that style you imagined. This is the perfect time to play around with symmetry and asymmetry, decide on what colors look best next to one another, and figure out if there is anything you want to add or remove.

Hang It Up

Invest in double-sided repositionable tape and actual picture hangers! Often walls that have a door will shift when the door is open and closed, so make sure any pictures hung on those walls are extra secure.

Remember that a picture wall can grow, shrink, and modify with you and your home! As you live with it and collect more art, take more photos, and find other things you would like to show off, your picture wall can be modified.

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