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Hanging a picture is about as basic DIY as you can get. Even so, it can be a frustrating experience if you’re not following some basic steps.
To keep your walls full of level, beautifully coordinated pictures and photos, keep these 4 things in mind when hanging pictures on your walls

Don’t Just Eyeball It

Hanging a picture on the wall using just your eyes is never a good idea. Sure, you can decide at what height to hang it by looking, but don’t just estimate a spot and start hammering.

Either create a template of the item you want to hang out of newspaper, or photocopy the item you’re wanting to hang – at full-scale, of course – and tape it to the wall where you want the final photo to go. This way, you can figure out if you’re planning to hang your item just off-center in your room, or too close to something else before you put any holes in the wall.

Nails Aren’t Everything

Admit it: You’ve hung at least one picture with just a nail before. Everyone has! But hanging a framed piece, especially one with a little weight to it, by just one nail is a recipe for crooked frames.

We recommend using either hooked wire hangers or self-tapping threaded anchors and screws. These provide a more stable base and can more easily bear the weight of the frame, keeping your pictures straighter for longer.

Tape It Up

If you’re hanging a large picture or poster with multiple hanging points, getting the right distance between the hangers can be challenging. And, even if you’ve got that right, you might not get the holes straight!

For these larger pieces, take a piece of paint-safe tape – clear cellophane tape works well – and stretch it across the back of your piece. Mark where the holes should be. Remove the tape, line it up properly on your wall, and drill your holes. They’ll be perfectly spaced and take the guesswork out of hanging!

Think Shelves

Pictures don’t need to just be hung on walls. To create extra visual interest, consider adding wall shelves or plate racks where you can lean your pictures and other items. This means you only have to hang one big thing but get all those pictures up on your wall.

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