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Decorating the walls of your home is a great way to put your personal stamp on the place. But if you rent and can’t put nail holes in the wall—or you just don’t want to damage that freshly repainted surface—you may be looking for ways to hang decor without damage.

Here are 5 ways you can put up decorations without worrying about the state of your walls when you take them down.

Decals Instead of Posters

The world of wall decals has come a long way, and it’s possible to find everything from sports teams to cartoon characters, inspirational quotes to movies—and even get custom decals created if you can’t find ready-made ones that suit your tastes.

These decals can be easily applied to a wall and are later removable without lasting damage. The only downside to decals is they’re single-use, so you won’t be able to reposition or relocate them without purchasing an entirely new decal.

Removable Adhesive Hangers

If you’re looking to hang something like a framed photo or light decoration, choosing a hook or picture hanger with removable adhesive or hook-and-loop fabric is a good choice. Some can even hold several pounds of weight to increase your decor options.

When you’re ready to remove the item, just pull on the tab to release the adhesive without pulling off the paint.

Magnetic Paint

There are several paint manufacturers that offer paint mixed with tiny particles of iron dust. While your color options for this are limited, using it as a primer and then painting over with your color of choice gives you a magnetic surface in the color you want. You can then attach items to the painted surface with strong magnets.

The downside of magnetic paint is its limited color options. Most magnetic primers only come in black or gray, which means that painting over them to get a pastel color is difficult. And, painting too many coats of regular paint means you’ll lose magnetism on the surface.

If you’re going to choose this option, it may be best to consult with a paint professional first so you can ensure you’ll be able to confidently use magnets.

No-Damage Shelves

While most of the advice we’ve covered here works for lighter objects such as single picture frames, it can be difficult to attach shelves without putting holes in your wall.

Thankfully, there are now a wide variety of no-damage shelves that can be added to your walls to confidently hold your small decor items, and then the adhesive can be removed without worry. Just remember that these won’t have the same weight capacity as shelves you mount on the studs, so choose your display items carefully.

Use Putty

If you have posters or unframed photos you’d like to hang, the old schoolroom staple is a great option. Just stick a few pieces to the corners and smooth the photo on the wall and you’ve got instant decor.

Just be careful choosing what color of putty you use, as some darker colors may leave marks on lighter paint colors.

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