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The current coronavirus pandemic has many currently working from home. Those that are used to driving to the office for work are finding it much harder to work with so many distractions – kids home from school, a spouse who may also be working from home, a new Netflix series begging to be binged…

While we are all navigating these unprecedented times, here are some ways you can create, and make the most of, your workspace at home:

Designate a Space & Time

If you already have a guest room or office space in your home that is separate from the bustle of family life, great! We know that not everyone has that option, though, so it is important to make space where you can.

It’s simple to put a temporary table and chair in your bedroom, basement, garage, or other somewhat secluded space. Try to pick an area that is free from distractions, such as a TV and isn’t a high-traffic area for your family. Make sure everyone knows that is your designated work space, so it doesn’t become a catch-all for keys and papers!

If a completely secluded area is not an option, consider having “office hours” where family members understand that you are not to be disturbed so that you can get your work done.

Declutter & Organize

A cluttered space = a cluttered mind. 

Take the time to remove any piles of laundry, water glasses, spare change, and whatever seems out of place. You want your work space to feel inviting and inspiring! Feeling like your things are closing in on you is hardly a motivating work environment!

Spruce It up

Once you have designated and cleared a work space for yourself, it is time to make it your own! If you have turned an entire room into your new home office, perhaps it is time for a new coat of paint? Choose a soft, calming color to keep you peaceful and focused.

A small live plant is a great way to bring some of the outdoors in when you are stuck inside working. Try a beautiful succulent – they require little care and come in many gorgeous varieties!

Be sure your space is properly lit to avoid feeling tired and groggy. Natural light is ideal, but if your space doesn’t have enough windows, a floor lamp or desk lamp can help illuminate your work area.

Add whatever else will help you to make the most of your work time, a picture of your family, a small bowl of your favorite candy, an essential oil diffuser, etc. Make your work space a place you want to be!

Practice Proper Ergonomics

Nothing sucks the motivation right out of you like an aching back or neck. While it may be tempting to just take your laptop to your bed or couch, the results could be less than comfortable.

Be sure to sit in a chair that supports proper posture, and work to position your computer screen in a way that keeps you from straining your neck. 

You can also try a combination sit/stand desk if you have the space so you can change positions as needed.

Take Frequent Breaks

Working from home carries with it a new set of stressors that don’t usually apply during a normal work day. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks to avoid fatigue and brain fog!

Every hour or so, get up, stretch your legs, look away from your computer screen, and grab a glass of water. Give yourself a few minutes to reset and come back refreshed. If you are worried about distractions making you lose track of time, set yourself an alarm to remind you to get back to work.

However you decide to make the most of your home office, remember that this situation will pass, and you can get back to your normal routine soon enough!

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