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To buy, or have them supply, that is the question. In today’s research then do-it-yourself culture, homeowners often find themselves with this question or a question very similar. On one hand, you have the freedom, flexibility, and potential for a great online or print coupon deal by buying and supplying your own paint. On the other, you have the convenience, expertise, and supplier discounts that accompany a trained professional.
This post will give you the pros and cons of buying your own paint vs. having a contractor supply the paint when tackling your next home painting project.
There are many advantages to buying your own paint. By going this route, you will have more control over the brand of paint and the exact price paid. If there is a once-a-year sale or a rare online deal, this can make the choice seem very easy. Buying the paint yourself also allows for greater control over the whole project. By taking this responsibility into your hands, you can gain comfort by knowing that the paint is already at home and ready for use when the contractor arrives.
Well, what are the advantages of having the contractor provide the paint than?
Having the contractor provide the paint can offer many apparent, and a few not so apparent, benefits over purchasing the paint yourself. The first benefit is one you likely already knew or have just read above: convenience. By having the contractor provide all of the supplies (including the paint), you will save the valuable time and frustration that go along with searching for discounts, finding local paint stores that carry your preferred brand or quality of paint, ordering and picking up the paint, and making additional trips to the paint store due to color changes or the need to apply additional coats. Another advantage is the cost. Contractors often times receive exclusive discounts from at least one paint supplier. Contractors also commonly provide flat-rate quotes that include the total cost of all paint needed. These quotes help protect against inexperienced painters who could cost you more by requiring you to purchase additional paint.
So, which one is the best option?
In the end, it is your decision on whether or not to supply the paint or let the contract provide it. We recommend that you have the contractor provide the paint within their quote. The contractor may add a small markup to the materials if they have to pick them up, but the total cost of the paint will likely be less expensive than if the homeowner purchased the same materials. The contractor may also have a paint brand that they prefer. This preference can be based on a long history of using the paint daily, and this experience should be leveraged by the homeowner. Letting the contractor recommend and provide the paint will help ensure that the final result is a professional appearance that will last for a long time. Note also that contractors will not typically provide a full warranty if the homeowner chooses to supply the paint. No matter which option you choose, please consult with your contractor before, and during, the estimating process. This will ensure that you find the best products at the best value for use in your home painting project.
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