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If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, painting your cabinets is a great way to do just that. You can breathe a whole new life into your kitchen with just this simple change. 

Painting is simple, but you’re probably not looking forward to the prep work that comes beforehand. The worst of which is sanding. Not only is it long, difficult work, but it’s messy too, and breathing in dust particles is not exactly pleasant. 

This may have got you wondering: Can you paint cabinets without sanding them? The answer is yes!

While we absolutely recommend sanding your cabinets to create the best base for your new paint, you can paint cabinets without sanding. You have to take care to complete some extra steps before you do so you don’t ruin your cabinets with a poor paint job.

Here are the steps to follow to paint your cabinets without sanding them:

  1. Label the cabinets with numbers and draw a corresponding diagram of your kitchen, so you can remember where they go when you’re finished. Remove the cabinets.
  1. Use soap and water to clean the cabinets. Pay special attention to any greasy or peeling areas.
  1. Apply a liquid de-glosser. Rub it liberally in the direction of the grain. This step can replace sanding by removing the shiny finish and preparing the wood for paint. However, we still use a pre-paint cleaner when we sand cabinets to create a clean, even base for painting.
  1. Use a wet rag to remove the de-glosser. Then switch to a clean, dry rag and wipe down the cabinets. They should be matte now. If there are any shiny areas remaining, repeat the de-glossing process. 
  1. Wait for the cabinets to dry completely. Meanwhile, prepare the painting area with a tarp.
  2. Use a good bonding primer to make a solid base for the cabinet paint. This step is especially important since you haven’t sanded them to remove any prior paint or varnish.
  1. You’re ready to paint the cabinets! Paint in the direction of the grain, and wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying a second.
  1. Reattach the cabinets using your diagram and numbering system.

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